3D Printer, SCARA 3D Printer, Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Frame

A large part of making this 3D printer portable is the ability to stow all the components in a protective shell. The frame also must be rigid enough to mount the components within. Starting with a sheet of 22 gauge mild steel, machinist blue was applied and the dimensions were scribed on the surface. A few minutes with the electric shears and the basic shape began to emerge.


Using the sheetmetal brake to form the sides. The depth of each side is 2.5 inches.


Holes for the arms to rotate through were cut into the back. This will give the arms a larger range of motion so that more of the platform can be utilized.


Laying the all the parts in the sheetmetal frame to check the fit. The Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4 board will sit along side the power supply unit. In the picture below the platform is shown in its stowed position.


Platform in printing position. The Z axis motor is sitting in its eventual orientation. The bracket holes have not yet been drilled for the stepper motor mount. The Z axis will ride on a 5/16″ x 18 allthread rod.


Holes drilled throught the sheet metal and arms mounted to the frame.



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